12 July 2018

italy, part four | rome.

our time in rome was made up of two brief, but entirely lovely, interludes: we landed in rome and commenced our holiday beneath the italian sunshine in her streets, and we passed through once more on the drive between cortona and positano. the sing-song sounds of church bells trailed us as we made way out of tuscany and two coffees each later, we were circling the colosseum. 

sweet memories of rome: the first meeting of uncle nicky and francis, four months old. boulevards in full bloom. sandwiches wrapped in paper. looking up and looking down in the sistine chapel. darting into a taxi outside the vatican single heartbeats before the rains moved in. heaping bowls of cacio e pepe. al fresco cafe scenes. streets awash in colors of ochre and peach and rose. our pudding-cheeked boy napping and nursing his way across italy. 

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