05 June 2018

the very days.

this pair of photographs has nothing to do with anything other than it's the sort of thing i am bound to stumble upon when i am eighty, and weep. i cannot believe how big he is. but also: how small. i cannot believe he's already been with us for four months. but also: only. 

haven't i always been lost in those curious, bright, brown-ringed-in-blue eyes? haven't i always known the sensation of his fingers combing my waist as he nurses? haven't i spent every night of my life clinging his tiny body to mine, singing the same song that i have since the morning he was born, and before? haven't we always been together?

if i could have a newly born baby in my home at all times, for the rest of time, i would. i haven't known, i doubt exists, purer joy or deeper peace than what he has brought with him. heaven has never felt closer. 

these really are the days.


  1. amen to all the things. i've told mikey so many times recently - let me always, always have a tiny baby to hold. please.