06 June 2018

the magnolias were blooming.

work carried chris to my hometown, of all places, last week and so francis and i tagged along, happy for a stretch of days with faraway dears and grateful for the serendipity of it all.

when we arrived, the magnolias were blooming the size of dinner plates and i was able to point to them and tell francis that i married his papa under a magnolia tree. someday, we'll take him to charleston and show him the very tree, but for now, i like to know that he's smelled them in full bloom so early in his life.

slices of time i want to remember: sipping coffee on a winding drive across the blue ridge, supper with the martins in their white house, gathering on the porch for conversation and grilled pizza, our good little traveler so jolly on his third and fourth flights, cotton candy carolina skies, berry shortbread from the farmers market, the posy of roses she plucked from her mama's garden and tied with a string.

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