15 May 2018

newport, for one day.

just last week, chris had to be in newport for a meeting, so francis and i hopped in the car right alongside him. we took bub on his first road trip when he was thirteen days old and this we know, as sure as the sun does rise: francis brown loves going for a ride.

it was a quiet stretch of hours, not even thirty six of them, just being together and finding adventure. we hunted buttery lobster rolls and del's frozen lemonade in paper cups. we drove around looking at houses and we looked for a lighthouse we never did find. we took slow breaths by the sea as moody waves swallowed the rocky beach whole.

i love few things more than a chilly day spent seaside, pulling a too-big sweater tight around me as the sun warms my face. loop my fingers through my husband's and hand me my baby boy, and it's more than i could dream.