02 April 2018

south for a time.

it was bare feet and drives in the country, sweet potato cake and the smell of carolina jasmine. my husband at the grill, my father bouncing my son. coffee hours with soul sisters, babes afoot. walks in the sunshine, feeling warmth on my face and in my bones, believing these days to be every kind of sacred.

i needed this. i needed it all. i needed to witness my baby boy in the arms of my father, in the arms of my oldest friends, in the rearview mirror as i drove the roads that raised me. i needed to be where i began.

1 comment:

  1. Even though I'm only a college student, and have so much growing and moving away from home to do, that last line got me so bad. How we all need to be where we begun. (And to think, you are now a mother. You will now always be where Francis began.)