22 March 2018

a first flight for francis.

we boarded your first airplane ride two evenings ago, flying south to spend a slice of time with family and friends. you loved it, craning your neck to peer out the window of the taxi cab and look around the airport from beneath your dusty blue aviator cap. your eyes fell heavy as we barreled down the runway and you met your dreams as we met the sky.

travel with you, we are learning, is no different than life with you. you are curious and interested. you are bright eyed and content to be. you know no moment beyond the one you are in. you are there, so deeply in it. there is nowhere else to be. i love that about you. i admire that about you. (i am already — always — learning from you.)

(your first ride in an airplane. it was a fleeting moment in our life as a young family of three that i am tucking away in that pocket of my heart called lived dreams.)

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