30 December 2017


our holiday season was simple and sacred and slow, one i will remember for all time. the days between thanksgiving and christmas dripped by like honey on a cold morning, to my great surprise and utter delight, and december was a hymn of rustic brown paper and thick velvet ribbons, walks in the snow, eggnog sipped by our tree, tea sipped in the bath, flickering candles, stockings and parcels for papa and mama and baby, the crown and holiday movies, topping our tree with the glass star we bought when we were dating, twelve dates of christmas, opening each day's post to find the loving and lovely faces of dear ones, the look on his face when he opened a certain velvet blazer the color of the pacific to be worn by a tiny someone in four or so years time. 

we were blessed to spend christmas week with both sides of our family and i feel so grateful, for so much, for everything, but especially for the family that's been placed in my arms. this baby nestled deep in my bones is coming into so much love. so much love. and if i know anything, anything at all, it's that the truest gifts are things we'll never be able to wrap, never be able to hold. 

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