31 December 2017


in our home, this was the year of twenty nine and thirty, one year married, three years together. of going west in summer and south in spring and autumn. of celebrating each of my grandfathers' lives. of road trips (d.c. to see the cherry blossoms, lake george on a summer day, virginia in october). of the women's march and writing to representatives and a new job. of devotchka on the bowery. of spain and morocco and iceland. of bidding farewell to our treehouse and opening a new chapter thirteen blocks south. of continuing beloved traditions (boys' monthly dinner, girls' weekend, twelve dates of christmas). of welcoming a niece and sending a brother off to peace corps senegal. of gathering knits, building a crib, making a nursery, dreaming big dreams.

we strengthened and deepened relationships with family, friends, each other. we delighted in daily, small joys. we gave thanks for health and adventure, for it's especially important to practice gratitude when things are good.

we grew a baby. a sweet, spirited creature traveling down to us from perfect, eternal stardust.

i have gone 'round and 'round gathering thoughts on what this year has been, has meant, where we've gone, where we're going, and i am closing twenty seventeen with deepest gratitude and brightest hope. this is where i begin again — here, now, with them.

may tomorrow bring the sweetest year that's ever been, for every last one of us. tender and deep, peaceful and safe, full of things wished for, things prayed for, things willed, things desired.

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