27 September 2017

away to spain, part two: madrid.

the last leg of our trip, we hopped a train speeding north as the sun dipped beyond hillside castles and rolling spanish farmland. madrid met us chilly and grey, and we were certain we'd left summer in sevilla.

we lived our madrid days slow and sweet, falling into a rhythm that answered the call of each day. one day that meant walking for napolitanas, filling the moka pot, tossing open the windows, and crawling back to bed with paperbacks. another, getting lost in the streets, browsing el rastro flea, and whiling the afternoon away in parque el retiro. we wandered the wings of the museo del prado and the food stalls of mercado de san miguel. we marveled at how different we found sevilla from madrid: where we found sevilla playful and charming, madrid was polished and grand, all sweeping avenues and peach-colored streets, lively plazas and elegant fashion.

and when we boarded our flight to new york, it was with full, contented hearts. grateful for the chance to see the world, together; grateful to be going home, together.

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  1. Your photos are absolutely lovely! What kind of camera/lens do you use?