26 September 2017

away to spain, part one: sevilla.

from morocco, we made way to spain. christopher lived in sevilla for a time, moons and moons before life saw fit to tangle our paths, and it's a place we have always meant to see together. i can't imagine that when he lived as a student in sevilla all those years ago, he ever thought the next time he'd walk those same streets would be with his wife and baby on the way, but isn't that just like life? how it fills itself!

and oh, sevilla. her cathedral square and blooming orange trees, bustling streets and walls awash in marigold. the place utterly drips in vibrance, in charm. i knew right away why my christopher loves it so. 

we lived our way into these days under the spanish sun, leaning into the local lifestyle, feasting late into the night on paella and croquettes, cafĂ© con leche and churros dipped in chocolate, exploring corners and nooks by bicycle and foot, tracing the footsteps my husband took at twenty one. we sipped cruzcampo and peach juice and watched flamenco. we lunched for hours with his lovely host mom, amelia. we took siestas and hunted a tuft of knits for our tiny stowaway. we filled our pockets with new memories of this place so dear to my love. i would've loved sevilla anyway, but i treasure it all the more for what it is to him, to his becoming. 

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