27 June 2017

dipping our toes in texas summer.

we spent a few days in texas last week, loving on family and filling our bellies with tex-mex. fourteen of us moyers, there were, and our days hummed with simple, happy things of summer. we chased sunflowers and ate breakfast tacos on my aunt & uncle's porch. we explored downtown mckinney and roadtripped to abilene. we ate catfish for sunday lunch in buffalo gap. we ate fresh fruit paletas, melting fast -- running down our arms -- in the hot western sun. we welcomed paloma, born this spring, to our tribe. our saturday was uncle tommy's smoked barbecue ribs and rowdy games of cornhole and cold potato salad and the sound of little cousins laughing.

and how i love seeing those rough & tumble ragamuffin cousins together, making memories like the ones our fathers made as four brothers growing up. memories for the books.