19 April 2017

easter weekend.

christopher's mama and dad hosted us for the holiday, and what a dreamy pair of days we lived. we hopped a train west after breakfast and spent the afternoon wandering the local nursery and the evening reading books on the porch. we got in the kitchen early to ring in the holiday with cinnamon rolls and piping hot coffee. we spent the day working side by side to prepare a feast -- cheesy potatoes and ham glazed with honey, lamb ragout and homemade ravioli, smoked salmon, fresh bread, peanut butter cookies, strawberry cake. we set a festive table and we hunted for eggs. we celebrated grandma georgia's eightieth birthday. we delighted in ella -- this was our first holiday with a baby in the family, and what lightness and joy having a baby around brings. we watched from the window as a storm swept through furiously and we stretched our legs in the golden hour after. 

i loved those very visceral symbols that showed themselves on easter sunday: spring following winter, sunshine chasing rain, hope springing eternal. 

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