06 March 2017

to know about places.

we're just home from a week in south carolina, and what a week it was. a quiet promise of sharing simple, daily joys with dear ones became a miracle of timing when my grandfather wally passed away shortly after my arrival. his passing was fairly unexpected and i will forever be grateful for the gifts of time that fell into my lap day after day. time to be together, time to reflect, time to mourn, time to drive out to the country to fetch an old wooden rocking chair -- the very chair i was rocked in -- that sweet wally wanted me to have. 

by the weekend, the warm carolina sun drew everyone and our spirits were hungry to know about places. on the occasion of my dear papa's fifty third birthday, we drove north along the swamp rabbit trail, stopping for crepes and basil lattes and a stretch of our legs on the climb up to chimney rock.

the land does something to me. i lay my eyes on those creeks and mountains and pines, and my insides ache and sing, all at once. the older i get, the more i understand it: there is so much to do. 

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