27 February 2017

weekend in charlotte.

while husband headed west to sunny austin & tucson for work, i headed down south to the land of the pines to get a head start on spending time with family & friends before husband joins me here this afternoon. first up: a weekend in charlotte with sweet meghan and her wild gang.

i hold my friendship with meghan unspeakably close. she was my babysitter growing up (!), and she and her husband matthew photographed our wedding. our friendship is woven every which way into our lives, through the years, across the miles. oh, how i loved jumping right into meghan's right now with matthew and their angel babies, all four of them.

a few favorites from the weekend: paco's tacos, duck donuts, hammock hours, homemade cinnamon rolls, long walks in the sunshine by the creekside, grits at the yolk, bookending our days with soulful and uplifting conversations around the farm table, and darling tucker's (age 7) earnest and entirely unprompted suppertime prayer that "mrs. alexa will have three babies -- maybe named jason, jerry, and jana?". as you can imagine, tucker -- alongside his brothers and sister -- kept us in stitches all the weekend long.

see you again soon, pretty charlotte & sweet cavin crew!

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