13 March 2017

exploring the oculus.

over the weekend, we made our way downtown to explore the world trade center's new train terminal, the oculus. big snow is headed our way and the days have been cold to the bone, so we soaked up the opportunity to be out & about in our city while also finding relief from the bitter winter wind. if there's one thing i love about new york city, it's that there is always, always something new to see.

from the outside, the oculus is meant to resemble birds in flight. neither of us loves modern architecture, but we agree -- the dance of light & steel is remarkable. we read that critics detest its lack of clocks, maps, and timetables -- traditional elements of a train station -- but with movement & buzz, wide open space, and bright natural light, it really does feel like a modern grand central. we found it all to be quite beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know why but the building reminds me of Marina Barrage in Singapore. hhhaa
    I am not a fan of modern architecture too, but the slipping lights always get into me. this place look soooo hugeee.

    p.s : i hope you guys stay warm there!