23 January 2017


we marched in the spirit of peaceful resistance among (the hundreds of) thousands clutching hands and clever signs. we marched among women -- those with faces lined with the years, those perched atop the shoulders of their parents, those swelling with life due earthside any day. we marched among men -- men like my christopher, who value and champion our freedom, our independence, our intelligence. we marched for human rights and climate change -- for public education and continued progress -- for black friends and brown friends and lgbtqi friends -- for the women and men who came before and fought like hell to get us here -- for our daughters and sons still to come. we marched because dissent is patriotic, is democracy at work. we marched and we marched and we marched.


  1. Such a historic day. Look at you beautiful people right in the thick of it. Love you both!

  2. so much respect. march on, friends, march on (: