24 January 2017

gypsy jazz & pictures in a booth.

last night we went to dizzy's club at lincoln center to see a gypsy jazz band called thunderswamp play in the spirit of django reinhardt. and, because husband spoils me so, we popped down to the basement at the smith for a turn in the photobooth. i love him extra for that.

we are big, big django reinhardt fans over here -- we had a django cover band play at our wedding! -- so this was all very exciting. we got all dressed up and braved the nor'easter whipping through manhattan to sip whiskey and watch our beloved gypsy jazz against the twinkling new york city skyline. even through all the rain and fog, we could see it twinkle.

the evening only confirmed what i already believed to be true: there is no instrument more beautiful than the accordion. french horns and trumpets are a very close tie for second, but my goodness, accordions. they do make my heart beat fast.

anyway, this is just to say: i love living in new york city. i love the look of new york city in the rain. i love how husband will walk out of the way in the pouring rain to take me to a photobooth because it's such a small act that brings me big joy. i love when husband wears his blue velvet dinner jacket. i love wearing ivory lace everything. i love when he reaches for my hand across the table. i love taxi rides home on central park west. i love our little dates.

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  1. My constitutional law professor actually played Django Reinhardt before class this week! While I'm not sure if I had heard his music before, I felt like I was transported back to the 20s or 30s that day, and experiencing the life of the Fitzgeralds! (At least that's what the music sounds like to me!) What a sound!