09 January 2017

a snowy day.

a big snow fell over new york this weekend. the forecast called for an inch or three, but i knew a big snow was coming and told christopher so. i could feel it in my bones. i excitedly stocked our cupboards with hearty bread and the makings of tuscan kale soup, sausages for breakfast and cream for coffee. all the right accomplices for a white out weekend.

come saturday, a fine and powdery snow fell without pause from morning until deep into night. we smiled at mother nature's thoughtfulness in giving us a saturday snow. we walked for hours in central park -- through the ramble, over bow bridge, past bethesda fountain and sheep meadow and the literary walk. we witnessed a proposal and cheered alongside the gathered crowd. inwardly, my heart beat a gratefulness that christopher proposed quietly in the treehouse. i like that what we shared in those moments is known only by us and our four walls and the creaky wooden floorboards upon which we stood.

when our noses and toes were properly cold, we made way to the tavern for toddies. we peeled off layers and laughed at the snow filling the outer pocket of my bag and settled into overstuffed chairs, cradling steaming mugs in our thankful hands. when we had thawed, we walked home as night fell and the snow glittered, beckoned by the promise of soup bubbling in the dutch oven and a hissing radiator on which to warm our socks. and how utterly good, to fill a whole day so simply, just happy to be together.

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