12 December 2016


it was a shivering december weekend, one for bundling up, treats from the wafels & dinges truck, and episodes of the crown (we're hooked!). we strolled through central park, our hands warmed by hot coffees, observing the changing of the guard -- vast grey skies, stripped branches, a delicate layer of ice settled over the pond. husband did santa claus things while i enjoyed a saturday afternoon with meg -- a chatty lunch over steaming bowls of green curry & a matinee of holiday inn. i burrowed into my great-grandmother's red and white knit blanket and called upon my heart to hold on to this one: a hissing radiator, winter's first snowflakes falling softly in the street, husband moving about the kitchen, shuffling through the spice cabinet, making sunday meatballs.

1 comment:

  1. Please let Mr. Brown know he will be on meatball duty in the Moyer household next week. XO