25 November 2016

honeymoon in croatia | split.

we loved about split its living history. the city is largely built within the walls of diocletian's palace -- built in year 305 (!!) -- and life within the ruins blooms vibrant and lively. folk singers, roman temples, piazzas, and climbing ivy thrive alongside shops, taverns, and markets in the most marvelous smorgasbord of past and present. our flat itself is part of the temple of jupiter. sitting in our bedroom or on our patio, we would reach over and touch the temple wall from year 295. it was wild.

the city is built within the palace and the palace brushes up against the sea. we ate our dinners in konobas, where the catches of the day were presented for diners to pick their fish. first thing each morning, we fetched hot apple strudel from the bakery below our flat and explored the palace, high and low, in awe of the grandness of it all. then we'd settle into chairs along the riva for second coffee and people watching, partaking in the revered café society along the waterfront. we loved that about our weeks in croatia -- the daily emphasis on a proper pause for coffee and conversation. this insistence upon presence is why there is no starbucks to be found in croatia.

when dreaming up our honeymoon, we placed loads of emphasis on interesting. we wanted to go somewhere interesting, and split gave us that. we delighted in the charm and idyll of other, smaller cities; split fascinated our senses.

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