25 November 2016

honeymoon in croatia | korcula.

we traveled from split to the island of korcula by way of ferry. we settled in for the long ride south with thick paperbacks and hot chocolate with cream and a window view of tiny islands bobbing in the sea.

korcula town is beautiful and walled and may or may not be the birthplace of marco polo; history is spotty. the fishbone layout is intriguing; straight western streets capture steady summer breezes, while curved eastern streets shelter against bitter winter winds. korcula island is lush with citrus trees, dripping with fruit, and naked vineyards, past their harvest. smells of the sea filled our noses and doughy breads and sweet jams filled our bellies. we passed one afternoon with a long drive to nowhere, winding through olive groves from one quaint fishing village to the next.

our favorite restaurant meal of our trip was had in korcula town. we ducked into marko's on recommendation of our airbnb hostess and feasted the night away. pumpkin soup and smoked ham, octopus and local cheeses, fresh caught lobster and housemade macaroni, hazelnut ice cream. our waiter was delighted to serve honeymooners and delivered local wines with each course.

and with that, we were off to dubrovnik!

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