10 October 2016

west village dates, we can't get enough of you.

when your handsome fiancé texts you on a friday afternoon and asks you to go for a walk in the west village while it's still light, you throw on red lipstick and go!

what was to be a simple dinner & movie date quickly became one of our very favorite nights. we took a slow walk around the sleepy streets, cappuccinos in one hand, each other's hand in the other. year in and year out, the west village is my favorite pocket of the city come halloween, and the beginnings of the season's trappings are just starting to show themselves. in a few weeks' time, no doubt, the sidewalks and brownstones and streets will be bustling with spiders and witches and cornstalks and brooms. every stoop will be bedecked, every railing will be cobwebby. i foresee another west village meander in our very near future; such october days cannot be missed.

as for dinner & the movie, we wended our way to frankie's spuntino -- their meatballs! -- and then over to bleecker street to browse the 99 cent bin while we waited for our movie. we got lucky with beethoven, chopin, and irving berlin. slowly but ever so surely, our record collection is growing!

we are both suckers for a good documentary and for days we looked forward to seeing ron howard's new music documentary, the beatles: eight days a week at ifc. it was fascinating! we both left with more questions than we started with, though, so it's been a weekend of googling all things beatles over here.

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