20 October 2016

time it is, what a time it is.

as our wedding day draws near, i see us drawing nearer to one another. these hours have been filled with such sweetness, such stillness. in a matter of days, we'll share a name. a family of which he & i are the origin -- a line that's never been -- will burst forth.

a number of dears have taken the time to write me this week, reaching across the miles to share intimate stories and perspectives and gems mined from their own marriages -- marriages seven, ten, and more than thirty years old. i study their words, turn them over in my mind, share them with christopher, tuck them into my heart. all the while, the sacred vows we'll soon make settle over me and into my bones.

it's hard to put to words the air, the poetry, of these days, but the vision i keep getting lost in is this: our spirits entangling themselves in one another, in the mystery of marriage, in the vast eternities.

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