06 September 2016

this handsome fella...

...started a new job today!

i can't wait for the afternoon to end so we can pour some bubbly and i can ask all the questions about his first day. i'm excited to hear about his new commute, what his office looks like, and the friends he made. it feels a bit like the first day of school!

i sent him off first thing with a breakfast date at our favorite cafe on the upper west side and he was, as always, a good sport and let me snap a photo :) a new year, a new job...this is gonna be good. really, really good. so proud of you, babe!


  1. So excited for you Mr. Brown! Congratulations! We can't wait to hear about your first day! XO

  2. Love how you guys celebrate each other in the big and little things! Congrats Chris! (: