03 September 2016

happy birthday, chris!

my sweet christopher turns twenty nine today and i have stolen him away for a weekend in the woods, just him and me and the stars and the birds. funfetti cake, too.

happy birthday, my love!

no one on this earth knows and supports and loves and loves-me-anyway like you do. you're my favorite way to spend a day; you're the most fun i've ever had. most days, it feels as though an extraordinary amount of luck was involved in the crossing of our paths. all the days, i know it was only ever gonna be this way. you & me, off to see the world.

here's a wish for a new year full of adventures! i'm so glad i get to be the one by your side.


  1. Happy birthday Chris! I didn't know if anyone could be good enough for Alexa (she's pretty great 😉) and you went ahead and proved me wrong and then some. And I'm so glad!