27 September 2016

apple picking we go!

on our sunday drive back to new york from baltimore, we stopped in bucks county, pennsylvania and made an apple orchard date of the afternoon.

in the warm autumn sunshine, we filled our satchel and bellies with sweet ripe apples and hot cider donuts. it was the most perfect way to usher in our autumn and we've got big plans for these beauties this week. let the sharing of apple recipes begin!

1 comment:

  1. I went apple picking (and fresh-cider-donut-eating) this past weekend too! I've been snacking on the apples I picked, as well as making salads w/them (adding cheddar cheese, spinach, dried cherries, almonds, and cucumber, which I'd recommend. I mean, can you really go wrong with apple and cheddar?)

    I'd definitely like to try a pie or crisp in the near future, though I'm not sure which! I have experience with brownies, but not so much pies or crisps..