26 September 2016

a weekend of wedding festivities, old friends, and beautiful maryland.

just a few iphone snaps from our weekend celebrating my college roommate and her newly minted husband (!!). they were married at her parents' house in maryland horse country, and it was just beautiful!

i remember visiting her there for the very first time over christmas break our freshman year of college and her saying, as she gave me the grand tour, "...and that's where i dream of getting married," pointing to the wide lawn stretching beyond the house where she grew up. to see her so happy and so in love in that very same spot on her wedding day was really something sweet. we are joyous for her and kyle as their marriage begins!

another highlight from the festivities was having our roommate trio together again for the first time since amber's wedding four years ago. some days, i can't believe it has been ten years since we all bunked together, first in the dormitory and then in our apartment off campus. other days, it all feels like a lifetime ago. we three did a whole lot of growing up together those early days of college, and seeing us all now, living our lives and chasing our dreams and marrying our loves and growing our families, makes me beam with love and pride for these women and these friendships. they say it takes a long time to grow old friends, and it's true! as the years go by, i feel more and more grateful for these friends i was lucky enough to make when i was very young.

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  1. All the heart eyes!! I can't believe these are all iPhone snaps! So good! Is that their first look after she walked down the stairs? Oh weddings. Sigh!!! You're next! (And I must say you and Chris have a bride and groom look going on with the white dress and bouquet and I'm LIKING IT.)