13 June 2016


oh my word, our weekend was all over the place! on friday i made way down to baltimore to attend courtney's bridal brunch, a magnificent fête i'll share more about in a separate post. my trip was lightning fast, but we made sure to head over to nick's for crabs because maryland and summahtime.

while i was in baltimore, chris visited his parents and played a round of golf, and i arrived home on an evening train to chris and patrick making homemade margherita pizzas. cute brothers. we are heading into week two without hot water or gas in our building, and patrick and laura were absolute dears to host us this weekend.

sunday afternoon, we helped nick move apartments. chris and i swear we will hire movers for our next move, but there really is something so fun about those mid-twenties moves from one walk up to another where you corral your friends and family with promises of pizza. maybe i can't feel my legs today, but we were thrilled to do it. we celebrated after with slices at babbalucci and there is no better pizza in new york, if you ask me.

lastly, but certainly not least, we loved seeing laura and patrick off to the tonys in a stunning gown and tuxedo, and then getting dressed up ourselves to watch from the roundabout theater party. spending an evening at a swanky party in times square, rooting for and so proud of laura, fizzy drinks in hand, my love in a jacket and tie, and hailing a yellow taxi cab uptown at the end of the night -- well, it was one of those nights where my heart swells so big with love for new york city. it really is magic.


  1. Your weekend is making my head spin! So fun! I love that pic of you and Chris, and for the record, we were rooting for Laura all the way down here in little old Greenville! Also for the record, I am really giggling at the "Pivot" pic! XO

  2. What a fun life! And you do an extra good job at making fun, making happiness. Always an inspiration in so many ways, Alexa!