14 June 2016

courtney's bridal shower.

my college roommate courtney's bridal shower was on saturday morning. her mama and matron of honor hosted a brunch at her family home. it's where we celebrated her engagement to kyle last august; come september, it's where they'll be married. i love that the place where court grew up is now the site of these really sweet events in her life.

the brunch was beautiful, down to the tiniest detail -- peach tea and pretty bouquets, a champagne bar and maryland crab quiche, a succulent in a cloche for every guest to take home. nobody throws a party like mama carey!

i can't wait to be back for the wedding -- only three months now!


  1. Wow!! Stunning bridal shower. Your arrangements are quite impressive and gorgeous. Loved the buffet and décor. Recently attended my cousin’s bridal shower at one of event venue where she did outstanding arrangements and I really enjoyed the party.