29 June 2016

celebrating our engagement.

these past two weeks have been sensational, an absolute flurry of sweet celebration -- small plates and rosé at alta with the book club girls, opera in the park and nightcaps at bemelman's with ali & tim, romeo and juliet at lincoln center, just the two of us.

we've been shown a bounty of love and excitement over our engagement by friends, family, even our barista! martha sent champagne flutes; dad and christy sent us to quality meats for steak and whiskey; our barista popped a bottle of bubbly and sent over a mimosa on the house when he realized i'd perched at the coffee bar to write out the story of how chris proposed. the list is long, and i am overwhelmed with gratitude.

it feels so good to be supported and encouraged by so many as we prepare for marriage. the time and thought invested in us really means so much, and if there is anything i am to remember about these days, it is this: we are loved, by our people and by each other.