10 May 2016

weekend in the carolinas.

we're just back from a quick trip down to the carolinas. these lightning fast few days in my homeland brought much to celebrate: mollie -- my best friend since pre-school (that's twenty five years!) -- graduated medical school, and our dear friends kate & nick baptized their rosie and named chris the godfather. all of it makes me brim with such joy, such pride.

in between the flurry of festivities, christy and i enjoyed time just the two of us (dad was away fishing with his brothers and i met chris in raleigh for the baptism). we missed our men, but time just the two of us is rare and to be savored. she made a strawberry tart, we went for dinner and coffee (methodical is doing tasty, tasty things with cold brew, earl grey, and orange oil this season!), and we caught up on our shared love of books and photographs. i'm so thankful for that slow and sweet time we had. i was also gifted a precious few hours with megan, amber, and their babes (five under four between the two of them!). i'm already counting down the minutes to our girls' weekend away together in late summer.

it was far too short of a visit, but then, isn't it always?

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  1. I so enjoyed our short time together! I wish you could have stayed just a little longer so that we could have hit the farmer's market together! Next time! XO