11 May 2016

at home with megan & her little men.

one morning last week, what was simply a few moments waiting for amber & the girls to arrive for a catch up session blossomed into a chance to capture forever this season of megan's motherhood.

amos watching out the door for his cousins to arrive. solomon -- such a little lover -- before his nap. bare feet. blonde hair. brothers eating cookies on the porch. inquisitive amos. the morning light just so. a teepee perched in the corner. solomon crowing mama. the patter of small feet on wooden floors. ezra favoring amos. ezra just six weeks old. the wild, the sweet, the fleeting. 

the bits and pieces -- the marrow -- of right now, and megan's pure love -- intention -- beauty -- grace in it all. she is teaching me more than she'll ever know. 


  1. Megan is a beautiful mother, and you've captured her and her littles in their everyday life so candidly and perfectly here! I love this!

  2. I can't "thank you" enough for these!!! (: Love, Love, LOVE you!!

  3. Those boys have the most beautiful eyes!!!