23 May 2016

weekend in dc.

chris and i have been talking for months and months about heading down to dc for the weekend, but our to visit list keeps growing and save the dates keep arriving (yay!) and time just keeps flying right on by. so when we learned a couple of weeks ago that he'd be heading down to philly and dc for meetings, we decided to just...go. because otherwise, when?!

we had a grand ol' weekend enjoying delicious food and exploring the renwick's WONDER exhibit, especially the many thousands of colored threads sweeping from floor to ceiling to mimic waves of color and light. it looked so beautiful juxtaposed with the gallery's grand columns and moldings. a major highlight of the weekend was a visit with my dear friend erin. she drove five hours roundtrip so we could spend a museum afternoon together. that is friendship, right there!

other favorites of the weekend:
+ 2amys for margherita slices, rice balls, and meatballs
+ pitango gelato (stracciatella and crema, mmm)
+ walking from monument to monument, his hand in mine 
+ roses, everywhere (dc is blooming way ahead of new york!)
+ a dinner date at founding farmers for pot roast, coffee soda, and crazy good cornbread
+ pretty georgetown in the rain 
+ mornings on capitol hill (more on this later)
+ a stop by lyon hall in arlington for donuts on our way out of town

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  1. Okay. Double date next time you're both in town. For sure.