24 May 2016

mornings on the hill.

it's not a trip to dc without a ramble around capitol hill, and it isn't a ramble around capitol hill without breakfast at eastern market. a sausage, egg, and cheese for him; pancakes for me; then we shared.

after breakfast, we took a long stroll about the neighborhood and played our little game. whenever we travel, we like to take a long look at a place, away we go-style, and consider what it would be like to make a life there.

we love our life in new york city so much. we love the museums and restaurants and culture and energy beckoning just outside our door. we love the friends we've made here and the serendipity of this quirky place. most days, we dream of living here forever. and yet. other days, the dream of certain little details of a life, of a home -- things largely unattainable in a place like new york -- are harder to shake.

things like a porch with a wind chime. a patio with a grill. a charming fixer upper we can pour ourselves into and make our very own. a small patch of grass, where our future babes can wander free -- and a kitchen window we can watch them from. climbing roses that i've grown myself.

right now, there is nowhere for us but new york city. life here is good and rich and right, and we are grateful every day that life brought us to new york and that new york brought us to each other. right now, we have all that we need and no more and no less, and we are happy.

still -- it is fun to daydream, to indulge the possibility of it all, as our wants and needs and wishes -- undoubtedly, thrillingly -- shift with time.


  1. Love this! Precisely what I've been thinking and can't put into words as well as you.

  2. Great pictures! It looks like such a charming place!

  3. ummmmm our street has a lot of good fixer uppers (:

  4. So pretty! I love smaller neighborhoods, nyc is great but oh man does the hectic lifestyle get tiring (especially if you've lived there all your life haha).
    Blue Jazzmin