11 March 2016

greenville | methodical coffee.

greenville's coffee culture is fairly new to me. when i was in high school, we had one coffeehouse downtown -- coffee underground -- that i'd go to with friends on weekends and one drive-thru -- liquid highway -- that i'd stop by with my grandmother whenever we went shopping. when i was in college, starbucks arrived and it seems that every visit home since has introduced new local flavor.

this trip, i fell in love with methodical. the light, the lattes, the teacups, the spinning records -- it was all so charming to me. a few afternoons during the week, i perched at the bar with my laptop and worked away the hours, pleased as punch to be a part of it all. 

1 comment:

  1. coffee culture is something i am totally unfamiliar with, for obvious reasons, haha. i love getting a look into it through your eyes. :) this shop is lovely!