14 March 2016

doing, reading, listening, etc.

doing -- 
'twas a weekend to be in the kitchen -- honey & beer bread and, for sunday supper, green curry with chicken. maybe nothing brings me such joy as throwing open my windows and creating with my hands. while the bread was in the oven, we walked in central park for a blossom check. it smells of dirt, the trees are budding, and we're ever so close to new york's first bloom. 

we had maybe the best dining experience of our lives a few days back. a friend's father is the executive chef at black barn in the flatiron and he treated us so well, seating us at the chef's table and serving us course after course of unbelievable fare -- orange & chipotle ribs, amish chicken with ricotta gnocchi, homemade donuts for dessert. we're already looking for an excuse to return. it was such an experience.

we're also busy making plans. it seems that the moment warm weather starts to flirt, the calendar fills itself. our summer will be bookended with friends' weddings and, with neither of our families gathering this year as they have in the past, we're thinking long weekends here and there will be just the thing for sweet summertime. i can't wait. 

reading -- 
he's delving into bill bryson; i'm re-visiting to kill a mockingbird. i haven't read it since i was a freshman in high school. it's time.

listening --
the lumineers' ophelia is on repeat over here. also, iron & wine. also, coldplay. 

housekeeping -- 
we're on the hunt for a rug right now. we've been looking all over but rugs are so terribly expensive and we've not found exactly what we want anyway. his parents are renovating at the moment and think they may have something just right, so we'll take a look when we visit for easter. fingers crossed -- i'd love to have something so meaningful as a rug from their home nestled in ours. 

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