29 February 2016


ten things i absolutely loved this weekend --

one. date night, part i: drinks & a view at the wythe hotel.
two. date night, part ii: sipping bourbon and sharing bbq and the meatloaf sandwich at rye. 
three. spotting the first crocuses of spring on that sunny walk down columbus.
four. catching a train west for an impromptu dinner date with his mama, dad, and brother.
five. coffee & the new anthropologie home catalog in bed.
six. making breakfast together. 
seven. that coffeeshop at 71st -- it'll always feel like twenty two and my first mornings in new york. 
eight. hopping a flight south for a week with my people. 
nine. sitting, talking with my grandfather. such a funny old bird, he is. 
ten. my dad's hugs -- he'll pull you so close you can't see a thing. 


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