01 January 2016

new year, fresh start.

small things i want to remember about this very first day of the brand new year:

how we cleaned and tidied, so happy to be home were we -- pine needles be gone, christmas baubles tucked away, the refrigerator shelves examined, a bright copper kettle newly at home on the stove. a perfect photograph -- candid, snapped at his brother's wedding while we danced unaware, gifted to us for christmas, set atop the dresser. friends re-runs playing on a loop as we worked. the new year's day supper i was raised on -- mulled cider, pork, collards, black eyed peas, cornbread -- lovingly prepared, side by side, a new tradition set sail, perhaps. talk over candlelight of words, ideals, themes we can strive for -- as individuals, as a couple, as a family -- in two thousand sixteen.

'tis a year welcomed well and slowly and joyfully. a year christened with intentionality.

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