01 January 2016


oh, 2015. it was a year of snowfalls and june roses, rowboats and dancing at ever so many weddings. how we loved. how we traveled -- to charleston and topsail and philadelphia, amagansett and st. john and baltimore. we were guests; we were hosts. we held the children of our friends. we wintered in coffeeshops. we summered on lake winni. we halloweened in sleepy hollow. a treehouse for one became a treehouse of dreams for two. i turned twenty seven; he turned twenty eight; we turned one. our families gave thanks together. we shared our first christmas morning. i learned that home is a person, not a place. ours is a good and simple life -- rich in family and friendship, our eyes trained on the small joys of our days, and i bid farewell to twenty fifteen with an unspeakably grateful heart. 

welcome, welcome, 2016. all that is unwritten, be it bright.


  1. Gorgeous photos of what seems a glorious year :) You look radiant in every picture, you can tell how happy you are! Love your emphasis on simple joys and love, love, love :) Happy new year!

  2. You write so beautifully, friend! I'm honored that the twins and I made it into your recap. :) You truly had the most amazing year ever!