31 December 2015

christmas in carolina.

christmas, part ii: we flew south like birds and joined my family on christmas night. sweet dad and christy welcomed us at the airport with big hugs and smiles, and all i could think about was the airport scenes in love actually. there's something extra special about traveling to ones you love on christmas.

we stayed for the week and it was utter bliss -- movie nights, cozy clothes, family meals, and friend reunions, a respite between the bustle of the holidays and the arrival of the new year. savoring each other's company and the quiet together before turning the calendar to a crisp, blank page felt important. it felt just right. 

a few favorites from the week:
+ thumbing through old photos with dad
+ meeting & loving amber's littlest love
+ the freezer stocked with christy's peanut butter balls 
+ seeing him love -- and be loved by -- my oldest friends
+ dad's pancakes
+ fondue night as a family
+ catching up with kristen as she drove through town
+ a drive up to asheville for dinner & the biltmore house
+ introducing him to both of my grandfathers
+ hunting for new additions to our record collection at horizon
+ chocolate shakes & chili cheese a-plenty at the beacon
+ coffee and fog and a family breakfast on the last morning of the year

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  1. That close up of Amber's baby made me stop and sigh. Newborns! There is nothing better!