14 September 2015


wine and cheese at home, with the sort of conversation that kept us up til the wee hours when we were first dating. a morning wander through the union square market, admiring september's bright bounty. coffee at abraco, because we'll always go out of our way for a coffeeshop. a fried chicken sandwich at fuku, cut in half to share and worth every word of hype. cones at davey's—cookies and cream for him, speculoos for me, mint chip for the both of us. cocktails at the wayland, because i've been talking about it for ages and somehow we still hadn't made our way to alphabet city. putt putt on pier 25 when it was only a breath away from raining. a pretty view of one world trade all aglitter on this most poignant of new york weekends. 

home things, too—laundry and dishes, unpacking and bedmaking, punctuated by coffee cups and the lazy spill of morning. together we scrambled eggs and made buttery pancakes. our best yet, we said. it was just a little moment but then the big things are only made of them. 


  1. i love how you always seem to make time for the simple things in life - and, aren't they what make a life?
    and i love how you always seem to find something to do! in the past few weekends all i did was sleeping, due to the lack of sleep and crazy time at work. hhaa

    1. thank you so much for your kind words! i do try to be mindful of where i spend my time—you're right, our lives are made up of the simplest things. for me, life feels most in balance when i make it a point to carve out time for small, daily joys.

      and i hear you on sleeping—that, too, has its merits! i find that i enjoy everything more when i am rested. get your sleep, lady! and thank you for writing.

    2. i agree with you. i think we don't appreciate ourselves enough for being 'too busy' and not enjoying the moments.

      have a great weekend, Alexa!

  2. I miss you. Excited to catch up next week.