11 September 2015

usvi + bvi | st. john.

our first day was my favorite day. i planned an adventure for my birthday boy—snorkeling trunk bay, walking the 18th century cinnamon bay sugar mill ruins, lunch at the longboard—and i rarely if ever use this word, but it was perfect. we adventured, we feasted, we celebrated his sweet life. all good things.

and you guys. the longboard. we enjoyed the beach bar vibe, ceviche, spicy mango-glazed wings, and frozen painkillers so much, we went back another day for more. a-mazing! a must if you're ever in the area.


  1. Looks like SO much fun!! (& frozen pain killers?! Yes, please!)

  2. These pictures! I'm dying. It's painfully beautiful.

    These brought back a memory: that first glimpse of the turquoise water between the shady trees as you approach the beach. It's startlingly bright and blue and takes your breath just a little every time.