06 March 2015

taking stock // 001.

making: time for nighttime bubble baths and journaling.
eating: so much citrus. cuties, honeybells...i can't get enough this time of year.
drinking: coffee, coffee, coffee. all day, every day.
reading: white teeth and a house in the sky.
listening: to edith piaf's greatest hits. so lovely, especially on snowy mornings.
watching: lots of documentaries. this week, gideon's army and the hunting ground.
bookmarking: crock pot recipes to try while it's still cold.
wanting: a new bathing suit. summer's coming fast!
looking: forward to weekend adventures.
enjoying: spotify's suggested playlists. their "workday acoustic" list is spot-on.
waiting: for my parents to visit. just a few more weeks!
wondering: which restaurant book club will try this month.
loving: the sunny forecast over the next few days.
hoping: my dad's birthday card arrives today.
marveling: at how a good snow never ceases to feel like magic to me.
needing: to get my camera cleaned.
wearing: so many layers right now.
smelling: like the clementine and clove candle i burned this morning. 
noticing: how much i miss him when he's traveling for work. 
knowing: he misses me, too.
laughing: at group text threads. they never fail to entertain.
thinking: about how much i want to visit meghan and sweet baby lucy in charlotte.
daydreaming: about spring and all the fun we'll have. 
wishing: daylight lasted a little longer in the evenings. soon!
feeling: appreciated.

(inspired by lists seen here and here.)


  1. Ooh! I love this! So happy you are enjoying the clove candle! I have ben wanting to watch The Hunting Ground and will look forward to checking out the books you are reading! Cant wait for our visit! Tick tock...tick tock...

  2. Great idea for a post! I've been leaning towards documentaries myself (though of my musical heroes. I think Spotify's great for finding new music, especially if YouTube fails.) Have a happy weekend!

  3. girl, I have taken so many bubble baths this winter and eaten 1000 cuties. I randomly stumbled upon your blog somehow, and I love it! I'm your new follower :)