05 March 2015

a birthday wish!

(disney world, 1992. i was 4 and he was...the same age i am now. ripe ol' 27.)

wishing a happiest birthday today to my best bud from the start. this man, right here, is as good as it gets. he's invested in me, encouraging of me, silly with me, interested in what i have to say, and has been since the very beginning. no one loves his family quite like this guy; he loves us all so well. papa, we got so lucky when we got you for keeps.


  1. I have tears...This is just so precious!

  2. oh this picture is the cutest. and i am dying that when you were 4 he was YOUR AGE NOW. WHAT?! Bah! I love you and your dad's relationship. Your dad is such a great guy!