10 March 2015

spring forward.

we're on day three of walk-everywhere-weather around here and i'm a little bit over the moon about it.

i'm ready for spring. so, so ready for spring.

i said this at dinner last weekend and took my family by surprise. they swear they've never heard me say as much, loving winter as i do. but that's the whole point, for me, about living in a place with four distinct seasons—feeling so immersed in each season that, by the time it passes, i'm ready for the next. i am ready to appreciate the next.

february snowstorms counter august heatwaves; puffs bloom across april before falling like music in may...just like the leaves of november. and so it goes, and i think each season the lovelier for it.

so here we are, a stretch of 40-plus degree days both ahead and behind, and i'm giddy over the possibility of leaving home in the morning with wet hair, unconcerned that i'll be—or catch a—cold. of trading pants for dresses, my parka for sweaters, sorels for flats. of walking with him through central park, in the name of cherry blossoms. of brunching outdoors with my girlfriends. of waiting out rainstorms in coffeeshops, and how the city smells just after. of taking my camera for long walks, just to see what i can see. of all the spring things.


  1. I feel the same way! So excited! I'm hoping to be able to get out for some walks to see the blossoms, if life isn't too crazy! :)

  2. Yes to this! I can't wait to switch up my clothes and to enjoy the weather and this city more. As you wrote, "all of the spring things."

  3. This makes me, even more so than usual, want to live in New York for at least a year to experience all the seasons in their beauty.