30 October 2014

grateful this morning.

for a week's worth of freshly picked apples on my counter, thanks to last weekend's adventure upstate. there's something so satisfying about sitting down to lunch on apples and cheese and knowing exactly where those apples came from.

for group texts and email threads with faraway friends, and how they keep us laughing and keep us close.

for those moments at work where i feel a burst of "hey, i am really good at this." those entirely confident moments don't come around every day, so when they do, i try to soak up that feeling and draw from it on the more challenging days.

for good nights with girlfriends. angie is busy/exhausted growing not one but two sweet babies, and we had a lovely, lowkey evening of homemade soup and gilmore girls on netflix earlier this week. the sign of a kindred spirit is when you can do nearly nothing together and still have a blast, and this girl is such a treasure to me. friendship with her uplifts and shapes me, and really just makes me want to be better in everything i do. needless to say, i am giddy at the thought of a pair of mini angies running around this world come april. until then, grow, babies, grow! i cannot wait to meet you.

for this week's small joys: apple jacks. a hot pink sunset. fishnet tights. afternoon runs to the little shop on 45th street for bubble tea. children wearing their halloween costumes on the train, in the park, at the grocery store. the sound and smell of grinding coffee beans at home in the morning.


  1. This is a beautiful post. A reminder to be grateful for all the little things that make us happy! x

  2. Your sweet words almost made me cry on the train this morning! Pregnancy hormones?? Or just that j love you and value our friendship! You're the best.