26 September 2014

grateful this morning.

for a healthy baby born to a dear friend this week. i cannot wait to get to south carolina to kiss those fluffy newborn cheeks.

for acts of kindness. i came home sick on monday and my downstairs neighbor had soup delivered to my doorstep a short while later. so incredibly thoughtful of her.

for a dad that asks questions like what is your book club reading?. his genuine interest in what's going on in my life means so much.

for traditions. this is the season for them and i love how they anchor us. it's such a special time of year.

for those moments when i feel prompted to reach out to a friend only to find she's thinking about me, too.


  1. there is nothing better than the act of being grateful. life is so, so good.

  2. Oh my god! What IS our book club reading? We should decide that... :)

  3. This is a beautiful list of gratitude! (And goodness ... those shoes! With those pants!! Darling.)