30 June 2014

sand and salt and blues.

just home from a week with my family on isle of palms and already experiencing massive withdrawals. it's gonna be a long monday. and probably tuesday and wednesday and...

i can't even begin to express how much i loved being back in charleston, feeling the sun on my face and the love of my family. i am so, so grateful to be part of a big family, most especially one that values time spent together. we are really good about squeezing in mini visits whenever possible throughout each year, but it's rare that all of us can be in the same place at once. a whole week of uninterrupted storytelling, porch sitting, chasing after the babies, and cooking together is an incredible blessing.

favorites of the week: living on georgia peaches, waking early for cotton candy sunrises, thunderstorms and shooting stars, watching my dad interact with all of his brothers, volleyball matches in the yard, homemade shrimp and grits, sunset walks as a family, a lowcountry boil, blowing bubbles with the littlest cousin, hammock naps, and listening to music on the porch, well into the night.

1 comment:

  1. oh man. it seems like it was just perfect. I bet you're going through withdrawals!!!! I feel you, sister. I feel you.