06 May 2014

weekend in charleston.

going home to charleston is always a curious experience for me. i leave (home) to go (home) and it's always this question of...where is home anyway?? funny how that works. how home and heartstrings play tug of war. how it feels to return to each place of our becoming. how we hold those places in our hands and take them with us when we go. 

a few highlights of the weekend: time spent with a dear friend on her wedding day, the endless charm of church bells and cobblestone streets, grits and strawberry salad at butcher & bee, conversations with friends i haven't seen in years, strolling through the saturday market, a walk through campus, lavender lattes at black tap, the city all abloom with roses, watching sailboats in the harbor, fried chicken biscuits at hominy grill, and how the sight of spanish moss dripping from the trees makes me ache in a good way, every single time. 


  1. a beautiful post, in every way. your words about home, how true they are. spanish moss & confederate jasmine, I don't think the south gets any more wonderful

  2. Such lovely pictures!! Makes me want to go back there!