11 May 2012

a postcard

of this week's best little things. 

that navy umbrella

...and its cheerful stripes that were a surprise

al fresco thai food because it was thursday

a friend's baby news (really a big thing)

the weekend weather report

...and daydreams of a saturday picnic.


  1. That ivy [or whatever you'd call it] is AMAZING. Seriously, it's beautiful. I wonder if the neighbors mind though?!

  2. i need that umbrella in my life. and that green polish.
    such a happy post!
    love, lindsay

  3. Oh my, I love you. And your lovely blog and lovely life. Sorry I never comment. I star every single post in my reader with the intention of coming back and commenting. And it rarely happens. You still know I love you right? ;) You have permission to never comment on my blog either. Haha.

    Lets get together SOON.

  4. Never in my life have I seen ivy embellish a home like a giant wreath! How spectacular.